What is a Life?

Ask that patient who’s fighting against his death,
what a Life is?

Ask that mother who has seen her son’s inanimate body,
what a Life is?

Ask that person who has just missed an accident,
what a Life is?

Ask that girl who was killed before her birth,
what a Life is?

Ask that boy who forfeited his dreams for supporting family,
what a Life is?

Ask: what a Life is?

Life is far more precious than what we think. You never know what can happen next. Respect your existence and value your time for you never know when it’ll change and you’ll start missing these moments. ❤

©Tanvee Patil (Thoughts Beyond Words)

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Hello LIFE!

My mornings are peaceful. With a big smile on her face, my Mummy wishes me a ‘Good’ Morning. I wake up to see the sun that shines and increases the glow on my face. Sparrows sitting and talking gibberish (because what else can they talk about?)😅 And best part is those two sweet little Love Birds that make me jolly, always!
I think of everything that I need to do and kick start my day with full confidence and positivity.
When I look around me, at the outside World, I realise how blessed I am already. I don’t need to wake up early morning to clean the streets, take away waste materials, deliver newspaper, or do any chaotic work to live a life.
Today, I wish to take few minutes from this beautiful Life just to Thank God! ❤

Thank you God,
For giving me a better Life,
For giving me such great parents,
For giving me everything that I don’t even think I deserve.
Thank you!

Look around yourself and you’ll start loving your Life more.
Be Thankful. Be Grateful. Admire whoever, whatever and however you are; somewhere someone dreams about Life like yours. Remember!

-Tanvee Patil (Thoughts Beyond Words)

Image Source: Instagram @scintillatingstar


I don’t regret my Past,

I love the experiences it gave me.

I love the lesson it taught me.

I love the strength it discovered in me.

I love the Life it showed me.

I love the ME it made me believe in.

I don’t regret my Past;

Because it made me who I’m today-

Bold, Strong, and Beautiful!

-Tanvee Patil (Thoughts Beyond Words)